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Full Line Catalog  /  Spec Grade Industrial  /  EverLite Self Luminous Series
Catalog Sheet
EverLite Self Luminous Series

Meet requirements in humid, corrosive or explosive environments where non-electric signs are specified. Self-luminous tritium exit sign requires no wiring; does not need to absorb light from another source.

Key benefits:
  • Non-electric; no wiring needed to operate; illumination provided by phosphor-coated borosilicate tubes filled with tritium gas; no need to be illuminated by absorbing light from another source; spark-free, no filament, suitable for use in humid, corrosive or explosive environments
  • Stands up to harsh environments with durable ABS molded housing and frame; choice of finishes: white, black, gray or aluminum frame; provides options with single-or double face models; two field-selectable chevrons; 6\" lettering on red or green background
  • Accommodates surface mount installation; canopy included for wall, end, or ceiling mount
  • Meets many approvals including NFPA Life Safety Code 101; UL 924; City of Los Angeles; State of California; Council of American Building Officials (ICBO, SBCCI); OSHA; USNRC; ISO 9001
  • Full warranty for life of sign; available in 10-year and 20-year models
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